About Us

Peak Commercial Projects is a family owned and operated business.

Peak Commercial Projects has designed and delivered a number of successfully retrofitted HVAC installations for our clients. Have a look at some of our major projects below to see exactly how our efficiency and agility shines through on every job.

We are …

Agile &

Able to respond quickly to changing requirements, Peak Commercial adapts quickly when obstacles arise. Our systematic approach ensures each project is delivered to the highest quality.


With more than 30 years combined experience in construction, engineering and structural fabrication, Peak Commercial is the leading provider of retrofitted HVAC structures in Australia.

Customer Focussed

Peak Commercial understands that every project is unique. We take the time to truly engage and listen to the needs of each client to ensure our solutions, are the right solutions.


At Peak Commercial we believe that true success can only come from a structured, methodical process. Each of our project customisations is only achievable through our systematically applied processes.